6 Places to Eat Post-Lockdown

6 Places to Eat Post-Lockdown

We have been in lockdown now for over 3 months and the end is in sight. Strict restrictions are being lifted and we can start venturing out again, so long as we stick to social distancing rules. Restaurants, cafes and shops are starting to reopen and people are looking forward to getting back to some level of normality. While life as it was before lockdown is a long way off, hopefully we can start getting our lives back on track. 

Although generally I have really enjoyed my lockdown experience, I am starting to miss doing things like going for a coffee and cake, or enjoying a meal out. One of my biggest loves is to go out for a nice meal. I often use it as an incentive to train hard during the week. If I complete a good week of training, then I can treat myself with a nice meal. Mentally it seems to work for me. During lockdown I have replaced this meal out with a takeaway, but it would be nice to get a change of scenery. 

Lately I have found myself slipping in to daydreams, imagining the places I look forward to visiting again, now that they are starting to reopen. Personally I am still a little apprehensive about venturing out. As a blind person, it is impossible for me to socially distance. I am reliant on the people around me to stay vigilant and have a heightened awareness. Unfortunately this doesn’t always happen. For example, a couple of weeks ago I went for a walk on my own in my local area and during the walk, on 2 occasions people physically brushed past my arm. My guide dog Tai doesn’t understand the principles of social distancing, she is not trained to do so, so it is difficult for me. I lost a little confidence following this experience, so I’m working on gradually building it back up.

I have now been out further a field than my local area a few times. Last weekend was the first time back in a car, when my brother and his girlfriend came to drive us over to see my family in Liverpool. It was amazing to see everyone again and really helped to boost my mood. The other times have been back on a tandem on a training ride. Its great to be back on the tandem and able to put in to practice all the things I’ve been working on during the past 3 months. This exposure to the real world has helped give me the courage to start contemplating going out again. I can start to consider where I will go and what I will do.

1. Amphora Cafe

The first place I plan to go back to is my favourite little cafe in Sale called Amphora. They do the most amazing cheesecake selection and several times over the past weeks I have fantasised about tucking in to a slice. Neil and I on several occasions have voiced the wish that they were on Deliveroo, but in the grand scheme of things this is probably a good thing or we would have ended up huge. They are now back open, so our plan is to walk in to Sale when the weather is nice and get a slice.

2. Northern Soul Grilled Cheese

The other places I can’t wait to get back to are slightly further afield. Amphora is great because it is in walking distance, so we don’t need to use public transport. This is something I’m not yet comfortable with but hopefully in a couple of weeks I will feel more confident and will get back to using the tram as well. When I do, a few of the other places I can’t wait to visit include Northern Soul Grilled Cheese in Manchester for one of their amazing cheese toasties. They have been doing grill at home kits during lockdown but unfortunately we are not in the delivery zone.

3. Six by Nico

Another place I look forward to returning to is a restaurant called Six by Nico, again in Manchester. They also have been doing at home cooking experiences but you have to go and collect them, which again is not currently possible for us. The restaurant experience is quite unique here, they basically offer a 6 course menu that changes every 6 weeks. Each menu has a theme and is a great way of sampling new and exciting flavours. 

4. Indian Tiffin Room

One of my favourite ever things to eat is the Gobi Manchurian from Indian Tiffin Room. Crispy cauliflower is stir-fried with vegetables and spices and is so addictively tasty. My description doesn’t do it justice but trust me its delicious. I wish I knew how to make it myself. There is a lot more I love about Indian Tiffin Room as well and can’t wait til they are open again. If I need inspiration to get on a tram and travel in to Manchester, then the reopening of Indian Tiffin Room is as good as any.

5. Oxford Road Cafe

One more treat I’m looking forward to is a breakfast from Oxford Road Cafe. I love having breakfast for lunch, or any meal of the day really and Oxford Road Cafe in Altrincham does one of the best. The problem is, the choice is so vast, I really don’t know what I would choose. They do actually now deliver through Deliveroo, but I don’t think it would quite be the same. Perhaps I will give it a try.

6. Quarter House

One final thing I’ve been craving is a roast dinner. I think its because I associate Sunday roast dinner with family time and my Mum and Dad. When I saw them last weekend, we decided to do a BBQ rather than a roast as the weather had been so good and it was Mum’s birthday. Typically it rained all day but in true British fashion we stuck at it. Mum promised me next time we are able to travel home, she will cook a roast. There aren’t many places I have been that do a roast living up to the standard of my Mum’s, but Quarter House in Manchester comes very close. It is another one of my favourite places to eat. I especially love the atmosphere and the portion sizes. Massive plates arrive piled high with meat, crispy roast potatoes, Yorkshire puddings and a vast array of vegetables. Comfort food at it’s best. I hope I can go and enjoy one again soon.

As I start to increase my confidence again in going out and about, I’m sure I will get to enjoy all of these foods and more soon. I will start by going for cheesecake this week and hopefully make my way in to Altrincham next. From there, once I am reassured that using public transport again is safe, I will start heading back in to Manchester and will be tucking in to a cheese toastie, roast dinner or even a 6 course tasting menu in no time. Have you found yourself fantasising about things you have missed eating during lockdown? What are they? Where will you go first? Or where have you already been? I love to hear your stories as well, so please get in touch and share.

Thank you for reading and speak soon.


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