Coping with Corona

Coping with Corona

What a strange situation we find ourselves in. Its just over 2 weeks now since the government enforced total lockdown for us all. 2 weeks since it was announced that the Tokyo Paralympics were being postponed for a year. It feels like ages since any live sport was played or that we were allowed to go out and socialise. Corona has brought many changes to our lives just now and we are all having to alter and adapt. Here is a little update on how I am getting on.

Initially my biggest stress was the panic buying. I am less able than many to go out to do my grocery shopping and rely on online deliveries. All the panic buying meant that I wasn’t able to get the groceries I need in order to stick to a healthy, balanced diet to keep me fuelled for my training. Since the Paralympics have been delayed, I’ve been a lot less worried as I’ve been granted an extra year to get myself in to peak fitness and so my strict regime can be relaxed a little. Its still vital I, like everyone else, stay as healthy as possible. In these times, we especially need to keep our immune system strong, by keeping it well stocked with important vitamins and minerals. I explain more about this in my post on staying healthy during winter and you should give this a read if you want some helpful advice. Staying healthy at this time will give you a stronger chance of avoiding getting ill from corona, while also helping to ease the strain on the NHS by hopefully preventing you getting ill from other things as well. Thankfully the panic buying has calmed down now and people are realising that food is not in short supply.

However my current biggest stress is the fact that I am no longer able to get an online delivery slot from any of the supermarkets. I was fortunate enough to secure a couple from Tesco, my usual choice of supermarket, before it got rediculous and one from Asda, which I received last week. As of next week I don’t have any scheduled and currently have no way of guaranteeing I will get one. I’m trying not to worry too much as I have plenty of food in my cupboards, but its just all the fresh fruit and vegetables that I like and need to eat to stay healthy. I’m aware of many smaller fresh fruit and vegetable boxes I can purchase for delivery, including one from the Modern Milkman, where I already get my milk, but in these I don’t get to choose, which is what I prefer, I just get what I’m given. This is definitely better than nothing though and a good solution. 

Being visually impaired does mean that I am vulnerable enough to be given early access to supermarkets along with the elderly, but not vulnerable enough to be allowed priority online shopping. Going to the shops is very difficult. I would have to use public transport, which I am avoiding, or get someone to help me, but then this would require me to break the social distancing recommendations. I could obviously ask someone to go do my shopping for me and I have already had several people offer, but this again means I don’t get to choose the food I want, and I like a choice. Also, as I explain in my post about online grocery shopping, I find it therapeutic and enjoy planning what i’m going to cook each week. I miss being able to do this.

I’m obviously extremely disappointed that the Paralympics have been delayed, but I also completely support the decision. It has taken away a lot of stress and worry about training in this current climate. The velodrome is closed. Due to social distancing, we can’t ride a tandem, unless its with a person we live with, although I live with someone who also rides a tandem and we have one in the house, things will have to have gone really bad before I get on one with Neil. So training has definitely been impacted. However we are very lucky really. We are still able to train to a high standard, thanks to our turbo trainers, Zwift, an online virtual world for cycling indoors, and the loaning and purchasing of several bits of gym equpipment. In some ways we are training more than normal as we have more time on our hands. I’m currently actually really enjoying just training for myself, no pressure and no dealing with the tiring and stressful faff of travelling to and from training. 

I’m also really enjoying having more time in the day to cook. I’m trying to make plenty of use of my Vitamix to make different and nutritious spreads, dips and sauces for salads. I’ve been making my own houmous, pesto, peanut butter, almond butter and a really tasty cream cheese and tinned mackerel pate. I’m trying to use up as much as I already have in my cupboard to reduce the need to do grocery shopping and I’m finding making new recipes fun. I will be sure to share some of my favourites with you over the following few weeks.

One of the things I’m really missing is going out to restaurants for nice meals and treating myself to a coffee and cake every now and again. However i’ve had plenty of time to come up with ways to still do this at home. I’ve discovered an at home audio guided chcolate tasting experience which I look forward to telling you more about at a later date. I’ve also got my eye on a cheese and wine tasting experience that can be ordered online and delivered to my door. I’m looking in to the option to take some live streamed cooking classes to try and learn a new skill, like making pasta and I’m keeping my spirits up and my mind happy by supplying it with plenty of chocolate.

Although its a wierd situation to find ourselves in, its also an incredible opportunity to do several things you wouldn’t otherwise get the chance to do. I’m taking the opportunity to try and make myself fitter and stronger than I have ever been, which will hopefully reflect well in my cycling when racing resumes. I’m making the most of being able to spend time with Neil and do things around the house that we have been meaning to do for a long time. And finally i’m taking the opportunity to work on my cooking skills and food tasting skills and hopefully share how I get on with you in my blog. If you have any suggestions of online food tasting experiences or cooking classes that I might be able to follow, then please leave a comment in the box below.

Keep smiling, look after yourselves and the people around you and stay at home, for now anyway.

Thank you for reading and speak soon.


2 thoughts on “Coping with Corona”

  • Thanks for sharing your experiences with us, Lora!
    Glad to hear that you and Neil are looking after yourselves. We’re doing well here. It just feels like being at sea again 🙂
    I’ve enjoyed training as if it’s all new again; working a bit harder, but being a bit more generous with the recovery too. We’re in scary times but in the long run, my outlook for the world has improved a lot. I’ve seen incredible acts of kindness and the way we value everything has changed. Let us know if there’s *anything* we can do to help x

    • Hi, glad to hear you are doing well also. Yes Its a great time to take the time to enjoy just doing sport in its purest form and how it is meant to be.

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