Getting To Grips With My Vitamix

Getting To Grips With My Vitamix

I’ve had my Vitamix for just over one month now and I can honestly say i’m in love. I’ve used it for so much that I don’t know what I would do without it. I used to say I don’t understand all these people that just have smoothies for breakfast or all meals of the day, but I can easily see how addictive it can become. There is something quite fascinating about putting solid objects in to a tub, pressing a button and then a minute later getting a tasty liquid back in return. Most of my breakfasts, while I’ve been having a couple of easier weeks following the end of my road season, have consisted of a smoothie. I’ve experimented with several ingredient combinations, but so far my favourite has been milk, banana, oats, ginger and blueberries.

Two bowls of carrot, ginger and cashew soup.

Other things I have tried making include soup, almond milk, several different types of pesto, a sauce for a Vietnamese noodle dish, milkshake, frozen yogurt and an attempt on ice cream. Everything barring the ice cream was a success, I just need more practice with that one.

Making almond milk is so easy. You simply soak almonds overnight in some water and then add them to the Vitamix with water and blend for around 1 minute until smooth. It tastes far nuttier than the type you buy from the shop and also a lot less sweet, which shows how much unnecessary sugar gets added to things, that you aren’t really aware about. If you were to prefer it a little sweeter, you could always blend in a couple of dates, which are a healthy way of adding sweetness to most things. Other milks I hope to try making include cashew and coconut.

The pesto’s that I have attempted include one made from tomatoes, spinach, basil and almonds. Another included rocket, basil, parmesan and pine nuts. I haven’t yet shared any of the recipes as I’m still mainly trying to follow ones on the Vitamix website until I build up my confidence more to create my own. I would like to play around with the quantities first until I feel I have nailed it. You don’t need a Vitamix specifically to make pesto, any blender would do, but it does do it very efficiently and speedily.

Pesto pasta with turkey.

Hummous was a real success. It is simply chickpeas, lemon juice, sesame seeds, olive oil and then any seasonings you like. It was ready in around 30 seconds. Less if you prefer it thicker. Personally I do and so next time I won’t blend it for quite as long or put as much water in it. Any left over will keep in a container for a few days, so its a great thing to make in bulk, then use as a dressing for a salad, wrap or sandwich for a packed lunch.

I’m still learning a lot with my machine. One of the things i’m particularly trying to learn is to listen to the sound of the blades to be able to hear when it reaches the right texture. I’m getting better at this as I go, it just takes practice, but hopefully in time I will be able to stop the blender when it reaches the right consistency by listening to when the sound of the motor changes, rather than worrying about the time. It becomes more night pitched the smoother the consistency of whatever is inside. I obviously can’t read the screen to see the timer, so I have to set my own separate audible timer for anything specific. Fortunately the set programmes on the machine for ice cream, soup and smoothie automatically turn off once the timer is up, which makes this a lot easier.

In the past, grating smaller things like ginger, garlic or parmesan have taken a long time and my finger tips regularly got grated as well, but now thanks to the Vitamix, they take less than 10 seconds and my fingers are safe. It makes very short work of finely chopping pretty much anything, from herbs and spices to vegetables such as carrots and onions. I particularly love using it for creating spice or curry pastes for my curries. Its really easy to put your ginger, chilli, garlic, and any herbs or other spices together and chop it all at the same time. 

Even though I was excited about getting my Vitamix, I didn’t quite grasp just how much it would revolutionise my cooking and make food preparation so much quicker and easier for me. Cleaning it is just as simple as it does it itself. You simply half fill the jug with warm water and a splash of washing up liquid, set it to its highest setting and leave it to blend for a minute. I honestly can’t imagine not having one now. Also, its incredibly safe. If you don’t quite attach anything correctly, including the lid, it will not start, preventing any messy situations as the machine fires ingredients all over the kitchen, or accidental leaks or spills. 

If anyone has any recipes using a blender that they would like to share with me, then I would really appreciate it, and once I’m happy with my own I will start posting them up on here.

Thank you for reading and speak soon.


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