Oven Gloves

Oven Gloves

A few weeks ago I posted a blog about my adventures with my grill. In it I mentioned that I really struggle to get on with oven gloves as they reduce my manual dexterity and I hate not being able to feel what I am doing.  Off the back of this someone got in touch to recommend I try using OVOS oven gloves instead of my standard pair I have. I had never heard of these and didn’t realise that oven gloves with separate fingers existed. I immediately purchased a pair and thought I should share, as hopefully it will benefit other people as well.

Before buying them I researched them through google and found that amazon were selling them for a reasonable price. They had good ratings and sounded ideal so I bought a pair. I was intrigued to see if having oven  gloves that were more like gloves would be beneficial or not.

When they arrived and I took them out of the packet, my initial thought was that they looked a bit big, and that the material felt really thick. I wasn’t too sure about them but once I put them on I became more keen.

Yes they are slightly too big for my hands and yes my fingers do feel a lot like massive sausages in them but I definitely do have more grip and control with them on, compared to standard oven mitts. I really like that the glove comes half way up my forearm as this gives a lot more protection. Also because they are elasticated they fit tight to my wrist so feel far more secure than my old oven mitts. This does however mean that they do take a little longer to take on and off.

The first time I used them properly was to take the grill pan in and out when toasting some fruit bread. I must admit, I was really pleased as they definitely helped me with grip. However, I was still not able to feel what I was handling. 

I was hoping that they would give me more control to allow me to pick food up and turn over to the other side for cooking, but I’m not convinced they will. If it is for bigger pieces of meat like steaks or burgers, or bread or crumpets or things like that then I might be able to but for thinner things like bacon and vegetables it won’t work. I definitely will still need to remove the gloves to touch my food to check if it is cooked or the right texture.

Another thing I do like about the gloves though is that they have a convenient material loop to hook over my cupboard door handles to keep them close to the oven and so within reach when I need them. However, I wish the material around the palms and fingers of the gloves were more stretchy, allowing them to fit more snugly to my hands rather than being slightly too big. 

My overall verdict though is that they are far better than your standard oven mitts for grip and control. I definitely prefer them to my old pair and am pleased they were recommended to me. I think they will be really helpful for reaching in to hot pans, griddles or trays to pick up hot objects such as sausages and other larger ingredients. The silicone coating on the fingers also means that it is really easy to wipe clean after using.

I am really grateful for the recommendation and hope that my review can help others. If anyone else has any kitchen tools that they think would help then please do send them my way.

Thank you for reading and speak soon.


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