Stress Free Grocery Shopping

Stress Free Grocery Shopping

These days, doing my weekly grocery shop has become kind of like a therapy. Now, thanks to technology, I am able to do it through an app on my phone, rather than going to an actual shop and relying on an employee or worse, my husband to help. It is so much more relaxing and enjoyable, curling up on the sofa, skimming through all the special offers for that week and using this for inspiration on what to cook. I do love a good bargain and to shop in general, so this is 2 of my favourite things rolled in to one. I can spend hours researching recipes and constructing a meal plan for the next week. Ensuring I buy everything I will need, while making sure I don’t waste anything. Keeping to a healthy diet is much easier if there is a plan.  You then don’t impulse buy when you are hungry or hurriedly grab a ready meal if you are short on time.

I do have to be careful though because I think I might be addicted. I look forward to every Tuesday when the new special offers are updated on the Tesco groceries app and I am straight in there to see what we can get for next week. I also have to be strict with myself as I can so easily lose track of time and forget to go to bed.

It is brilliant though for preventing impulse buying. So often I will see something on special offer and think “Yum! I want that” but then after, when I am sorting through the basket, trying to bring the cost within my weekly budget I can ask myself “Do I really need this?” If the answer is no then I can remove it.

Firstly I find out which of the fruit and vegetables are on special offer. Then I will research recipes that feature these and make a note of any that take my fancy. Next I will sort them in to a suitable meal plan for the following week that fits in to mine and Neil’s training schedule and ensuring that there will be no wasted leftovers.

I don’t generally buy meat from Tesco. I use MuscleFood for this as you can buy in bulk. As athletes both myself and Neil have a higher protein requirement than average so eat a lot of meat. I do however always check to see what fresh fish and seafood is on special offer and will add this in to my plan as well.

Dairy is next. Eggs, milk, and plenty of yogurt. I try to buy the higher protein versions such as Arla or other greek yogurt brands. Again stocking up on any that are on special. Some cheese will also go in, especially if it is nice cheese. Both myself and Neil have a guilty pleasure for cheese, and yes, we have to moderate it but we do still enjoy it.

Finally it’s all the other cupboard essentials. Oats for our morning porridge. Spices and herbs, to ensure our meals contain plenty of flavour. Tinned tomatoes, beans and tinned fish such as mackerel for that speedy sauce or  lunch when you need it. I never buy shop bought sauces as I like to control what I put in to my food.

 I always ensure our cupboards are well stocked with healthy snacks as well as the occasional treats. Plenty of nuts, rice cakes, cereal bars and anything else nutritious and good to nibble on will go in. Making sure there is variety is important to me as this prevents me from getting bored of the same thing. Keeps it interesting.

So there you can see the basics of my weekly shopping basket, as well as an insight in to the process of how I go about it. I don’t think there is anything in there that would shock you but please feel free to comment if there is or if you have any other questions. Remember making time to plan for the next week might seem time consuming but trust me you will thank me for it the next week. Let me know how it goes.

Speak soon.


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